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So... What exactly IS diabetes? Have I got diabetes? what are the symptoms of diabetes? what are the types of diabetes? I'm pregnant will I get gestational diabetes? i'm overweight what are the risks of type 2 diabetes? What is hypoglycaemia? What is diabetic ketoacidosis? Diabetic foot care, diabetic eye care? All of these questions and more answered at

 Well...  I think that Most of us have heard of or know someone with diabetes, I myself have diabetes. Three of my siblings and mother have it, although they have type 2 diabetes, whereas I have type1.  I was 33 when I was first diagnosed with diabetes.  I was fit, healthy and I used to cycle 80 miles almost every weekend. I was not a person who was overweight with little or no exercise, so how did I get diabetes and why was I different to the rest of my family?

This site is for anyone who suspects that they could have diabetes and the effects that it has on the body.  It is also information for those already diagnosed or just as a source of information for anyone who is just curious.


I know that when we are first diagnosed, things can be hard to take in due to the shock of now being a diabetic, having to give yourself those nasty injections or tablets and the fact that your mind is not working as it should due to the excess glucose in your blood.

As time goes by, you get used to the medication and the blood tests, you sneak a snack here and there and it can quickly get out of hand and your blood sugars go haywire.  Sometimes, you do not feel like asking for the advice again, as you think that you should already know and don?t want to appear silly by keep asking questions every time you go for your annual check-up. In this case, think of this as a refresher course for yourself. 

 This is a self funded information site only and any medical issues should be directed to your GP/Physician or diabetic consultant and their staff of nurses and dieticians. There is also a forum to converse with other diabetics to discuss their views, recipes and tips etc.  It is your forum so please use it.

As this site is self funded out of my own pocket, any donations wou;ld be greatly accepted. Please use the donate button in your currency. Thank You.


We hope that you will find this site informative, interesting and fun.  Please enjoy your stay and give us your feedback. Don't forget to sign up.

Stuart Wimbles


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